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Introducing our new range of Australian Outdoor Bred Raised Indoors on Straw Bacon and Ham

Crafted right here in Castlemaine and farmed in country Victoria by dedicated, caring farmers. Given the choice, we hope you choose KR Castlemaine.

Increased welfare & standards in farming

KR Castlemaine’s Outdoor Bred Raised Indoors On Straw pigs are born and raised on our supplier farms located across regional Victoria. These farms are fully accredited by the Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program and often exceed the very high standards set by the industry.

Pigs in straw bedded eco-shelters post weaning

Pigs in straw bedded eco shelters post weaning



Farm paddock with insulated straw-bedded individual huts for mother sows

Environmental considerations form an important part of the farming practices on our farms.  Careful planning and management of pig site movement and regular rotation of pigs to new paddocks prevent the build-up of nutrients, protecting the water table.

Our farmers have decades of experience producing pigs in the Australian Outdoor Bred Raised Indoors On Straw system.  They believe in doing things the right way when it comes to Australian farming and animal welfare.


Nurturing our animals

Our pigs are bred outdoors at our supplier’s farms situated in country Victoria. The mother sows are free to roam around their paddocks, wallow in their mud baths and shelter in purpose-built open huts.  Our mother sow herds are checked on routinely and feed with a natural grain based diet.

As each mother sow approaches the time to give birth, she is moved to another paddock where she has access to her own insulated, straw-bedded hut. Here she can follow her nesting instincts and have her litter in a quiet, natural environment.


Pigs wallowing in the mud


Mother sow and piglets born in open paddocks

Once the litter is born, the piglets stay in their hut for protection from predators. As they grow, they venture out from their huts and are free to play, forage and socialise in open paddocks.

At about four weeks of age, the piglets are weaned from their mothers and are moved to large straw bedded eco shelters to protect them from the elements (in particular, the sun and heat).

In the straw bedded eco shelters, the pigs continue to be free to move about and socialise, and they have access at all times to clean drinking water, a healthy grain-based diet, bedding and are regularly checked on.


What do the pigs get fed? 

The pigs are fed a natural grain and protein based diet, free from added growth hormones.

What breed of pig are they?

Duroc, Large White and Landrace breeds which are ideal for the Australian conditions.

How exactly does Outdoor Bred Raised Indoors on Straw differ from conventional farming?

Once weaned, piglets are reared in straw bedded eco shelters where the stocking densities are at least 30% below the standard indoor allowances of conventional farming.

The mother sows used for breeding are carefully selected from our piglet litters, and housed outdoors from 18-24 weeks old. They remain outdoors for the rest of their lives, living under APIQ Free Range standards.

What are the benefits of Outdoor Bred Raised Indoors on Straw?

Increased animal welfare standards are employed, which see all pigs bred in an  outdoor environment where the welfare of the pigs is paramount.

The Mother sows are Free-Range, allowing them to better express their instinctive behaviours.

What are the benefits of Outdoor Bred Raised Indoors on Straw pork for the consumer?

Buying KR Castlemaine Outdoor Bred Raised Indoors On Straw smallgoods and pork products means consumers know they are supporting Victorian farmers and higher animal welfare standards.

What accreditation is required to achieve Outdoor Bred Raised Indoors on Straw?

Farms are routinely audited to ensure they continue to adhere to the required standards.